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As a new couple begins to prepare for marriage, their minds begin to adjust to what will be one of the most significant events in their lives. Issues that once seemed small, may start to take on extra significance. Your mind starts thinking something like, "Holy crap! Am I going to be able to live with that forever?!"

Are you ready for marriage? Take the 2-minute quiz to find out.

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree
1. I feel my partner and I are equally committed to the marriage.
2. My partner and I show a willingness to devote ourselves to our marriage.
3. I worry if certain of my partner’s behavior will tolerable during the marriage.
4. One of us is feelings pressured to marry before they are ready.
5. Circumstances forced us to marry before we would have chosen too.
6. I feel I can safely express my reservations and concerns with my partner.
7. We can safely discuss issues around our plans for children.
8. We can safely discuss issues around finances.
9. How my partner is handling the wedding celebration makes me worry about our future together.
10. We often disagree about the involvement of our future in-laws.
11. I worry about past "baggage" negatively affecting our marriage.

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