Frequently Asked Questions

What is your fee?

My fee is $175 per 50 minute session.  For those people who can not otherwise afford therapy, I offer a limited number of reduced fee openings. Please call me if you would like to discuss a lower fee at (949) 288-3123.

I see most clients once or twice a week at a regularly scheduled time. A few people see significant results after a few sessions, but for the vast majority, 10 to 25 sessions is typically recommended.

Do you have a free consultation?

In order to ensure that I am a good fit for you, I offer a free, no-obligation 30-minute phone consultation. The call is an opportunity for us to discuss what you are hoping to gain from counseling. I can then assess if I would be a good person to help you. If I am not the best person to help, I will do my best to give you a good referral.This step is optional. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, simply click here to see my available times and schedule your first appointment. You can reach me at (949) 288-3123. If I am not available to talk immediately, I return most calls within two hours.

How long does counseling take?

Some people find that as few as 8 sessions may be all that is needed. For others, progress happens over several months. Deep-seated issues may take years to heal. I am usually able to give a rough estimate of treatment length after about four sessions.The good news is that at any time you can suspend counseling and take your growth with you. Counseling can also be restarted at any future date without any significant loss of momentum. People will often see a therapist “as needed”.

Do you accept health insurance?

If you are covered by PPO health insurance, in many cases they will reimburse you at their out-of-network rate. At the end of each month I provide you with a claim form which you can submit to your insurance. Payment for my services is required in full at each session.Health insurance varies greatly from plan-to-plan. Please call them to learn about the extent and limits of your coverage for mental health. Questions you should ask include:- What is my coverage for outpatient mental health?- What is the reimbursement rate for an out-of-network provider?- How many sessions are covered per calendar year?- What is my deductible and how much has been met?

What if I want couples counseling, but my partner will not come?

Unfortunately, sometimes one partner is not as willing as the other to come into counseling. However I have often found that it is possible to vastly improve the relationship with just one person involved in counseling.There can even be significant benefits to individual counseling over couples counseling. Working individually allows a “deeper” level of healing than can be done with both partners in the room. For this reason, I often will have frequent individual sessions with partners even when I am seeing them as a couple.You can imagine a relationship as a pair of dancers trying to dance in harmony. If you want to improve the dance, you need to work on coordinating the partner\’s steps. However, it is also important to spend time working with each dancer separately to develop their individual skills. If one or both of the partners have “two left feet”, no amount of coordination will help – they need help individually first.

We want couples counseling but want to see you individually first. Is that OK?

Yes. In most cases I would recommend the first session have both parties present. However I often will see one or parties individually, and later move to couples counseling. Feel free to call me to discuss you particular circumstance.

Where can I download the paperwork for new clients?

I look forward to meeting you in person. Please find the forms you need to fill out below. If you are unable to fill out the forms ahead of time, please arrive 20 minutes early to your appointment. There will be a copy of the forms ready for you in my waiting room.

Required: Please print and fill out my New Client Forms.
Optional: My Detailed Questionnaire helps me get to know you better.

Can you prescribe medication?

The combination of medication and talk therapy is often the most effective treatment for many. I do not prescribe medication personally, but I can provide you with appropriate referrals to psychiatrists. With your permission, I will also maintain contact with your psychiatrist, to ensure that you get the best possible care.

Is counseling confidential?

What is shared between a counselor and his/her client is protected by law. Most people highly value the safety this provides. There are a few important exceptions. Examples of these are suspected child abuse; elder abuse and threats of physical harm to self or others.Your name and that you attend counseling will also never be revealed. Even if some one called and asked if you were a client, I would not reveal any relationship with you at all.

How would a typical session go?

I have a welcoming office near John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. Each therapy session is 50 minutes long and starts at the top of the hour.On your first session you should arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment. This will allow you to fill out a short amount of paperwork. The paperwork is similar to what you fill out when visiting a doctor for the first time. The first few sessions are usually spent further understanding the issues troubling you. Later sessions start at the beginning of the hour. These sessions are your place to relax, talk and grow.


Please call me at (949) 288-3123 if there are any questions I can answer. I want your experience to be as stress free as possible.

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