In-Depth Therapy with a Smile

I help people deepen their connection with others and with themselves. If you have lost the joy in your life, or you wish to rekindle your relationships, I can help.

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About Me

Being a therapist is more than a job to me.
I am passionate about helping people reach their potential.


I always place your best interests first.


I deeply care about my clients. It is the foundation of what I do.


I respect you and your wisdom. I will never condescend, nor tell you how to live your life.

My Background

I am originally from South Africa. The fascinating journey of my country has given me a profound reverence for how people carry the ability to transform and grow. I have lived in Southern California for 16 years. I am a family man, and in my spare time you will most likely find me enjoying nature. I can proudly say that I have watched every David Attenborough nature documentary three times!

For ten years, I lived in the corporate world. I crisscrossed the country and clutched on to my frequent flier card. I blend that experience into my present day life as a therapist. I am the founder of a web site that connects low-income people to community counseling centers. Each year, the web site connects over 150,000 people across America to mental health services.

My Education

I received my post-graduate education from Pepperdine University. I continue to pursue readings and conferences to understand the depths of the human mind. Mostly though, I continue to educate myself through deeply caring for my clients. I believe that each person has gained a unique insight into life, and that if I listen with care and with openness, that they can teach me as much as I teach them.



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